About Courtroom Sciences - Litigation Consulting Firm

Courtroom Sciences, Inc.® (CSI®) partners with corporate legal departments and law firms throughout the entire litigation lifecycle - from the moment a crisis occurs through discovery, witness deposition training, settlement strategy, trial preparation, jury selection and trial. Two specific aspects make Courtroom Sciences unique: our people and our process.


Data-Based Research & Analysis

Courtroom Sciences’ employs a meticulous focus on empirical research and scientific methodology in the evaluation of litigation risk, in settlement and trial research and preparation including witness effectiveness training, focus groups and mock trials, and in jury selection, all of which provide data and analysis to improve decision making and outcomes. Trial teams, including litigators and in-house counsel, benefit from a methodical, scientifically valid approach to data collection that is unmatched in the industry.

Litigation Consultant
Client-Centric Solutions - Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

Client-Centric Solutions

Our clients consistently recognize our teams for their level of service and their commitment to delivering superior outcomes. Courtroom Sciences’ clients realize that the investments made in ensuring witnesses are fully prepared for the tricks played by the opposition at deposition and trial and early research conducted using the scientific method pay for themselves in better outcomes.

Behavior Modification & Prediction

We started CSI because we understood the importance of focusing on the human behavioral aspects of civil litigation. In addition to legal strategy, the variables and pitfalls in litigation boil down to two primary factors: the performance of the litigants and the decision making of the triers of fact. Over the course of the last 35 years, we have helped trial teams achieve superior outcomes by delivering successful human behavior modification (witness effectiveness) and predictive insights on human decision making (settlement and trial research) that is unmatched in the industry.

Behavior Modification & Prediction